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Maria Jase │ Jan 15, 2023

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Master the Art of Selling: The 3 P's Method for Success

Master the Art of Selling: The 3 P's Method for Success

Sep 10, 2023 Owen Willy

Incorporating these principles into your marketing strategy can make selling feel like a breeze. The 3 P's method isn't just a roadmap; it's your treasure map to navigating the wild, unpredictable terrain

Shopify for Non Ecommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

Shopify for Non Ecommerce: A Comprehensive Guide

Sep 09, 2023 Owen Willy

In the ever-evolving landscape of online business, Shopify stands as a formidable force, empowering over a million online stores globally as of 2023. It's a name synonymous with ecommerce success.

How To Quickly Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

How To Quickly Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Aug 25, 2023 Owen Willy

Creating impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience doesn't have to be an arduous task. By following a straightforward process and incorporating key psychological principles, you can swiftly develop compelling strategies that yield impressive results.

Warman, Saskatchewan: Your Business Success Haven

Warman, Saskatchewan: Your Business Success Haven

Aug 19, 2023 Owen Willy

In the grand tapestry of entrepreneurship, Warman, Saskatchewan stands as an inviting canvas for your dreams. From its strategic location and thriving growth to its unwavering support system and untapped prospects, Warman offers a multitude of reasons for visionary business minds to consider it as their launching pad.

Mastering Tech for Customer Attraction: Your Digital Advantage

Mastering Tech for Customer Attraction: Your Digital Advantage

Aug 13, 2023 Owen Willy

Mastering Tech for Customer Attraction: Your Digital Advantage. In the exhilarating world of business, customer attraction is no longer a simple transaction—it's a captivating journey. With the arsenal of tech-savvy strategies at your disposal, you have the power to transport your customers to new dimensions, engage them in memorable conversations, and create experiences that linger in their minds.

Avoiding 7 Pivotal Mistakes in Business

Smart Investing: Avoiding 7 Pivotal Mistakes in Business

Aug 11, 2023 Owen Willy

Smart Investing: Avoiding Agency and Business Mistakes. Investing in an agency or business can be a transformative step toward growth and success. By avoiding these crucial mistakes, you'll set the stage for a productive and mutually beneficial partnership. Remember to clarify your goals, conduct thorough research, maintain open communication, and actively participate in the process.

How to change people's Minds and Behavior report.

How to make your products irresistible to customers.

Weekly Mind-Bender

How to tap into your customers' deepest motivations, influence their behavior, and create lifelong relationships

How to change people’s minds and behavior Report.

In this report You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover and harness people’s motivation.
  • Make it easier for people to change their habits.
  • Create prompts that persuade people.
  • Remove the guesswork from why customers make choices.
  • Encourage people to come to your desired conclusion, so they put themselves in the “buying state”.
  • In today's competitive business landscape, understanding and leveraging psychological triggers can significantly impact a company's success.

Here's the catch:

Listen up, my fellow mind-benders! I've got a revelation for you, and it's an absolute game-changer. You see, all these Jedi mind tricks, they'll only work their magic if you're making it a breeze for people to do what you want. But hold on tight, because I'm about to reveal the secret sauce in this report. From seasoned marketers to savvy salespeople, even the shrewd negotiators and crafty conmen, they all play this card by "lowering the ask." Oh, it's a beautiful strategy! You want people to do something significant? Start small, my friends. Here's the real deal, straight from the trenches. We tweaked a landing page to reflect this "lowering the ask" principle, and you wouldn't believe what happened! Five minutes of work resulted in a jaw-dropping 51% reduction in CPA and a mind-blowing 74% increase in conversion rate. Boom! So here's the golden takeaway - when you dive deep and understand the why behind your customers' choices, you can wave goodbye to that hit-or-miss marketing game. It becomes a predictable and powerful force, my friends. Now, grab that report, unleash the secrets, and let's embark on this journey of mind-bending marketing prowess!

Weekly Mind Bender

Two boxers are in a match scheduled for 12 rounds. (Pure boxing only. There are no kicks or takedowns).

One of the boxers gets knocked out after only six rounds, without a man throwing a single punch.

How is this possible?

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