Targeted Advertising Campaigns for Business Growth


Our paid advertising strategy can help you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

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Whats the process?

Our calculated approach.

Digital marketing is all about getting in front of those that matter most. Our team is dedicated to growing your business through individualized data-backed marketing tactics specific to your company's needs.

Inspiring Audiences to Take Action.
Generating Buzz for Your Business.

How we report data.

Monthly Reporting

You can eliminate guesswork from calculating your ROI by tracking every dollar spent in metrics like cost per lead, return on ad spend (ROAS), purchases, abandoned carts, link clicks, and more with the help of our social media advertising team and simple monthly reporting!

Platforms that matter

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Facebook ads

Facebook ads

Reach and target the largest audience possible through facebook ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Reach decision-makers, showcase your expertise, and expand your network.

SnapChat Ads

SnapChat Ads

The king, or perhaps queen of short form video advertisement

TIkTok ads

TIkTok ads

TikTok video ads are the latest social media marketing phenomenon

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a visual wonderland where inspiration meets action.

Know where to start

Start your upcoming project.

Meta Network

Add relevant meta tags to boost search visibility, increase click-through rates, and help potential customers find your site through ads.

Review The Demographics

Analyze demographic data for insights into your target audience. Develop compelling marketing campaigns tailored to your market for better results.

Draw In The Right Audience

Maximize marketing ROI by targeting the right audience for higher conversions and increased revenue. Optimize your investment for maximum impact.

Hear from fellow entreprueners.

Mr. Sam's

Business Owner, Mondo Payments

Flowing Express displayed the power of Facebook advertising with prompt and honest communication. I will continue to work with them due to their respectful approach to business.

James Haven

Director, Nonprofit Society

Flowing Express team was exceptional in marketing my service, demonstrating high professionalism and expertise. Their competence was evident throughout the process, making them praiseworthy.

Linda McCain

Musician, Voodoo Rangers Music

Flowing Express excels in marketing services with their consistently top-notch work, showcasing remarkable professionalism and expertise from consultation to final product.


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